Rolle, Breeland, Ryan, Landau, Wingler, & Hindman


Your Rights and Responsibilities

Your rights after an accident depend on several factors. Among them include:

WB01539_.gif (682 bytes) Who is at fault?

WB01539_.gif (682 bytes) Do you have auto insurance? Does the driver of the other car?

WB01539_.gif (682 bytes) How much insurance coverage is available?

WB01539_.gif (682 bytes) Were any of the people in the accident on the job at the time?

Nobody can tell you exactly what your rights are without knowing the specific details of your accident. Contact ROLLE, BREELAND, RYAN, WINGLER, LANDAU & HINDMAN, and we can answer all your questions about your case. You can reach one of our attorneys 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at 214-742-8897.

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